Our Story

Jim, Chelsea & Charlie – a love story

It all started in 2017 when Jim found himself without a job. He & Chelsea were trying to decide what to do, where to go, what the path looked like moving forward – discussing it all over some great Texas wine. Unfortunately, all the jobs that Jim was finding included a LOT of travel. Both Jim & Chelsea had grown accustomed to him being around, so that really wasn’t an option. After a few more glasses of wine, the question turned to Pflugerville. What did Pflugerville need? What was missing from the ‘social life’ in this great town? After another glass or two of wine – they realized the answer was literally IN THEIR HANDS… Pflugerville needed a WINE BAR!

Jim & Chelsea began to formulate the place they would most like to visit & hang out. A place where you could bring the kids & the dog (if you wanted), a place where you could meet up to have a friendly game of cribbage or jenga, a place where – most importantly – you could have a conversation without having to scream over the music. A place to gather, relax, & chill.

The more they talked, the more they realized how time-consuming it can be to grow a collection of really outstanding Texas Wine without driving all over the vast state. A TEXAS WINE BAR was born. Chelsea & Jim, realizing that sometimes friends, partners & spouses don’t drink the same beverage; decided to expand on the concept to include Texas Craft Beers. We plan in the near future to include the ever expanding selection of Texas Spirits as well.

Well, Jim & Chelsea have a friend that has an actual 3 legged goat & they asked her for his story.

When he was a kid (baby goat), he broke his leg. Their friend took him to the vet and they put a splint on it. Running around like baby goats do, the leg became infected. Charlie was then taken back to the vet. Well, being Texas with goats typically considered livestock – the vet said, “Put it down. It’s a goat, get another one.” Well, our friend’s assistant had been raising all three baby goats & had named them. When she heard this news she said, “Oh No! You can’t kill Charlie!!” Charlie had transitioned from being livestock, to being a pet. The assistant was able to convince their friend to pay for the surgery to amputate his leg & save his life. Now, as a full-grown goat, Charlie runs around just fine on 3 legs.

To Chelsea & Jim, the moral of the story is that sometimes you put in a little extra effort, sometimes you may spend a little extra money – not because you expect to get anything in return, but because it’s the right thing to do. They wanted to build a place around that because their hearts are deeply rooted in the community of Pflugerville.